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Scott_Mcfly Admin App

Post by Scott_Mcfly on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:19 am

IGname: Scott_Mcfly  Very Happy

Server and IP: Hyper life Roleplay

Screenshot Stats: sorry i cannot post my screen shot maybe you can go /check thanks

What Rank you want to be Admin and Why ?(50 words): A3+, because i just want to get my old lvl admin in old HYPER LIFE ROLEPLAY because my account got deleted, and i just want to be a3 or a4 because thats my favourite admin level

How we can trust you to be an Admin ? (50 words): well sir I`m loyal and i want to guard this server from other player that server advertise and rule breaker also

Got Experience to be an Admin ? and How ? and previous admin Level ? (50 words): Yes, I do, on some role play server, Third Generation Role play,one day I was looking for any server that are opening in group of Samp Server Advertisement , so I read about Third Generation Role play, and decided to join their, the Owner were looking for some Loyal and good Admin, then he gave me the rank of Senior Admin

Why you want to be Admin ? (50 words): I always wanted to be administrators in other server , because my hobby is jailing rule breakers and kicking out that server advertise

What admin did in Server ? Explain it: (50 words): An admin responsibility is to keep the server away from any harmful activities that hackers does, and they make some cool events and other stuff, helping the community players, and they serve the community as well

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